Floor Scrubbers

industrial floor scrubber machine

hard floor scrubber machineFloor scrubbers are industrial floor cleaning machines used in commercial spaces to scrub a floor clean of dirt, dust or marks.  Some models are used for commercial carpet cleaning such as shampooing, or as a floor polisher removing old polish prior to reapplying polish.  Highly versatile, these industrial cleaning machines work on a wide variety of surfaces including vinyl, polished concrete, granite, marble, terrazzo and carpet.

There are 2 types of floor scrubbers.  They both clean the same way but the operation is different: the walk-behind model which is manoeuvred using a side to side sweeping motion; and a ride on model which is used in straight motions.  

The great thing about using either variety of Floor Scrubber is it enables a larger surface area to be cleaned in a smaller amount of time reducing operator fatigue.  They also use less water than the typical mop and bucket clean, reducing wet floor times and decreasing the risk of customers slipping and falling leading to injuries and/or lawsuits.  

Depending on the surface and the desired result, different cleaning machine equipment can be required.  These are either pads or brushes, ranging in sizes, colours & materials all in various combinations.  For example, brushes range from soft bristle to coarse turning the machines into a concrete floor scrubber.  The white & red pads are used for cleaning purposes and the darker colours, such as black or brown are used when stripping & waxing floors.  The size of the pads and brushes used is dependant on the machine, with diameters varying from 17 inches to 44 inches and upwards.

When using the scrubber as a commercial carpet cleaning machine, a bonnet pad is attached to the pad holder.  This allows carpets to dry quicker than using carpet extraction machines.  

industrial floor scrubber machineIf you’re looking to purchase an industrial floor scrubber, there are a few things to consider:  

  1. The tasks and area to be done.
  2. The size of the machine required to do the area in the shortest time.  
  3. How many different tasks you need to complete, i.e. hard floors and shampooing.
  4. Manoeuvrability around the customers business and storage availability.  
  5. Is the machine adjustable to suit different staff height and size etc?

What Products to use with Floor Scrubbers?

  • When selecting products for specific tasks, ask for industry advice.  Every task has its own particular product requirement so make sure you talk to people in the know, who have the knowledge, years of experience and close relationships with the manufacturers, to make sure you make an informed purchase that suits your requirements.

What if something goes wrong?

  • Machines sold at Bundaberg Cleaning Supplies come with either a 1 or 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

We can organise any warranty claims and repairs in a timely manner saving you the worries of delays and downtime.  And, since we are a distributor of a large number of leading manufacturers, we have access to a large range of spare parts to keep your cleaning machinery in great shape.