Hotel & Commercial Cleaning Products in Bundaberg

industrial floor washer for saleAt Bundaberg Cleaning Supplies we offer a full range of hospitality cleaning supplies, for hotels, restaurants, cafes and more.  We endeavour to make your cleaning equipment and supplies choice as easy and pain-free as possible.

Below are just a few commercial cleaning products we offer;

      • For the Kitchen: Automatic dishwashing liquids, rinse aids & glass wash solutions, concentrated dishwashing powders and tablets also.
      • Personal Hygiene Products: Our range of gloves, paper hand towel, hand wash, multi wipes & cloths and hair nets are expansive and we offer a great range of dispensers for paper towels and hand washes.
      • Surface Cleaners: Our surface cleaners are great for stubborn oil and grime you get around the oven and the stove top and splash-back. We have specifically designed cleaning chemicals for fast and effective removal of foods and oils.  For larger kitchens, there is a range of automatic floor cleaners available.  
      • Bench tops and surface cleaners:  We have a great selection of spray & wipes and sanitisers with HACCP certification.
      • Commercial cleaning supplies for Motels/Hotels: We can supply all of your janitorial and guest amenities.

hotel cleaning products in bundaberg

We offer everything from shampoos and conditioners, soaps, makeup removers to shower caps and more.  Your run-of-the-mill cleaning supply store won’t have access to the full range of cleaning solutions or cleaning supplies for sale that we have at Bundaberg Cleaning Supplies, whether that be a small order for refill or buying in bulk.




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