Attack An Odour – Indoor – is a highly effective odour neutraliser which also contains a pleasant residual fragrance.

It will neutralize the smell of garbage, urine, sewage, body, tobacco & cooking odours.

Attack An Odour – Indoor – will neutralize the gases produced during urine and faeces decomposition, as well as those produced during protein decomposition.  It is effective against both Sulphuric and nitrogenous gaseous bi-products. 

Attack An Odour – Indoor – kills air-borne bacteria and leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance.

Features and Benefits:

Stability over a wide range of applications. 

Pleasant residual fragrance.

Concentrated product allowing effective dilutions. 

Elimation of air-borne bacteria.

Non staining formula.

Versatility in method of use – can be used by spraying, direct dosage or using the wick principle.


For industrial or institutional use only.  Precise dilutions are difficult due to varied use situations, and different malodours and their concentrations.  Always use a minimum so the fragrance is allowed to obtrude.

AIR FRESHENER:  To neutralize malodours simply spray into the air around the source.  May also be sprayed onto curtains and carpets.  In larger areas use through fogging machine.   

COOKING ODOURS:  Spray as needed or use through fogging machine.

SPRAY & WIPE:  Spray onto hard surface, allow to sit for a moment, wipe off excess with clean cloth. 

LAUNDRY:  For soaking use 10ml every 10kg of fabric, or spray directly onto soiled linen prior to washing.

500ml Or 5L

Attack an Odour can be used in many other areas – eg:  Kitchen Bins, Wheelie Bins, Pet Urine, Bed Wetting, Carpet spoils/smells, Esky Odours, Bait Box Odours, Footwear Odours and Pet bed odours.