HALO Glass & Shiny Surface Cleaner

 Professional results in less time

  Anti-static properties help reduce attraction of dust after cleaning

  Dries to a smear free film.  Safe on tint film as there is no ammonia in the formula

 Suitable for use on different surfaces

 Ready to use

 Approved for use in Export Registered Meat Establishments (formally known as AQIS)

Floral Fragrance

 Fast drying, streak free glass cleaner that cuts through greasy fingerprints and food based grime in a flash. Suitable for use on an array of surfaces including glass, tinted glass, mirrors, glossy painted surfaces, laminate, chrome, stainless steel and some sensitive equipment such as computers, X-ray machines and electrical equipment. HALO does not leave dirt and dust attracting residues and therefore helps surfaces stay cleaner for longer. 


Task Method Dilution

All Surfaces

1. Apply by trigger spray.

2. Lightly spray surface to be cleaned. 

3. Using a circular motion, agitate with a clean Oates microfiber cloth or towelling to remove soil and provide a clean streak free finish.

Use NEAT (undiluted)